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Information in English

About the library

The main library is located at Bømlo Kulturhus in Svortland town centre.

The library also has 3 branches located at Moster Amfi, Våge school and Hillestveit school.

Using the library

Anyone who is registered with the library, or who possesses a national library card, may borrow books or other media from Bømlo public library.

To register with the library

If you are over the age of 7 and have a valid proof of identification, you may register and get a library card. You may choose between a local library card and a national library card. The national library card enables you to borrow from any public library in Norway. Contact a member of staff to register and get information about the cards.

Terms and conditions

The library card is personal, and the patron is responsible for any items borrowed on his/her card. Lost or damaged items must be compensated.

Books and other media may be kept for one month, and language courses may be kept for six weeks. If you wish to keep any material longer, you are required to renew your loan. A loan may be renewed three times. This can only be done if the material is not requested by another patron.

If the item has not been returned after the second reminder, you will be requested to pay for the lost item.

Electronic library

In MappaMi you may view and renew your current loans, make reservations and search in the library’s database.

To access MappaMi you need a pin code which will be sent to your e-mail on request. You may also contact the library by phone to set up a pin code.

If you do not find what you are looking for in our database, we suggest visiting Biblioteksøk, the national inter-library-loan system. Here you can search for and order material which will then be sent to your local library. You will be notified when your ordered material is available for collection.

Meeting room

The main library has a meeting room available free of charge. The room has to be booked in advance.

Internet access

There are two computer terminals with internet access available in the main library. Please notify a member of staff prior to using these computers. The computer has to be given up after 30 minutes if requested by another patron.

A Wi-Fi internet-access service is provided in the main library. This service enables patrons who have a laptop with wireless capability to access the internet from their own computers. There is no charge for the service. To log in, go to your wireless connection and choose BK-gjest-1. You are requested to enter your mobile phone number to receive the log in code. If you do not possess a mobile phone, or if you have any other queries, please do note hesitate to contact a member of staff.

Photocopying, fax and scanner

Photocopying, fax and scanner facilities are provided in the main library. The public computers are also provided with print facilities. Contact a member of staff if you require any of these services.
The charges for the photocopying service are:

  • Black/white, A4 sheet: 2,- kroner
  • Black/white, A3 sheet: 4,- kroner
  • Colour, A4 sheet: 5,- kroner
  • Colour, A3 sheet: 10,- kroner
  • Fax: 10,- kroner

Patrons may also request copies from the library’s own books, periodicals, newspapers and magazines. This service is free of charge.

You may scan documents free of charge. The scanned documents can either be sent to a designated e-mail address or printed. If printing the document, photocopying charges apply.

Access and Facilities for patrons with disabilities

The main library is served by a lift. You may access the lift from the back entrance of the shopping centre, opposite the cultural house parking lot or through Vikse book shop. The library itself, including the reading room, is spacious and accessible, and there are wheelchair accessible toilets available on the premises. There are also magnifying glasses available for the use of patrons with visual impairment.